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No matter where you are, what you are doing, the amazing moment of the memory of the woman you had and the amazing moment of the love you showed to get her cannot be erased. Moving on is an illusion, for one should cherish the past. The strength is always accumulated and shall be lived on with the positivity accomplished from all the last.

Remember, at one time everything you did was exactly what you wanted.

From a thought to your aim to actual occurrence to life to routine to evident seperation to its end to hatred to memories to stereotype realization but you still, cannot do shit.

The tears who never come out
State of an utter illusion
Dubiousness from the bout
I miss the times of emotion

Here I am alone being in a crowd
Numerous mistakes keep stinging
Restraining whispers which are incredibly loud
Inside goes me another world which I am scared singing

Apologies as it is hard to say
If I am above or under water.
Although it is effortless, we are the prey
I don’t know why? I wish I could ask the plotter.

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